The Y is collaborating with Al Roehl, to deliver a four-week series providing practical strategies to help you cope during this stressful time. Al Roehl is certified in brain-based executive coaching, applied neuroscience, brain health, and is the founder of the Neuro-Fitness Center, where individuals can learn how to "get their brain to work for them. Not against them."

Series 1

Watch Video #1: Staying in Control

Watch Video #2: Keeping Your Mind In A Good Place

Watch Video #3: Connecting with a Purpose

Watch Video #4: Managing Loss of Self-Respect

Series 2

Watch Video #1: The Importance of Exercise

Watch Video #2: The Importance of Nourishment

Watch Video #3: The Importance of Social Connections

Watch Video #4: The Importance of Sleep

Watch Video #5: The Importance of Staying Calm

Watch Video #6: The Importance of Unplugging

Strava makes tracking your next activity easy. Record your runs, rides and more, and see your performance stats on Strava as soon as you're done.

The YMCA of Central Kentucky recently created a Club on Strava, which includes a weekly leaderboard, filtered activity, discussion forum and group events – complete with routes and details. These can be recurring weekly rides or runs with the option to RSVP “I’m in” so you can know who to expect.

  • Link up and share workouts with other YMCA of Central Kentucky members by joining our club.
  • 5K Fridays – complete a run or walk of at least 3.1 miles each Friday + other fun weekly challenges. 
  • Opportunities to connect mind and body through regular meditations to do once per week during activities. 
  • Encourage each other by offering ‘kudos’ or words of encouragement to club members as they complete activities.


Find a comfortable seat and watch these short sessions provided by yoga instructor Patrice Keitt. Patrice has extensive training in mindfulness and meditation and is a certified yoga instructor at our High Street YMCA.

Breath Balancing Techniques

Loving Kindness Meditation