Bar Y Outdoor Adventure Camp is nestled off Versailles Road at the Fayette/Woodford County line near The Kentucky Castle.  

Like many Y programs, summer camp is about learning new skills, developing character values, and making new friends. But few environments are as unique as Bar Y Outdoor Adventure Camp, where campers have the opportunity to explore the great outdoors.   

Bar Y Camp builds self-reliance, confidence, leadership and a sense of belonging and achievement - all amidst the fun of sports, games, outdoor adventure and meaningful friendships.  

8-12 years old
Must be eight-years-old by 5/30/2024

5755 Versailles Road
Lexington, KY 40510

Each day campers should bring the following items:

  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Non-perishable, nut-free lunch
  • Smiles, energy, and creativity

For more information, contact childcare@ymcacky.org or download the 2024 Camp Information Flyer.

  • Archery

    Campers enjoy archery at Bar Y Outdoor Adventure Camp

    The archery range provides equipment and tools for participants of various abilities and experience. Our staff often jazz up the range with balloons, fruit or other wacky targets!

  • Challenge Course

    Challenge Course at Bar Y Outdoor Adventure Camp

    The challenge course offers a series of activities, games and elements designed to promote self-confidence, teamwork and achievement; as well as develop leadership and problem-solving skills. Challenges typically include objects or situations that require both individual and team strategy to solve or overcome.  

  • Crawdad Fishing

    Crawdad Fishing at Bar Y Outdoor Adventure Camp

    Campers will experience crawdad fishing on our waterfront. They will learn that there is another entire eco-system that shares the water front with them, what these creatures might like to eat, how they move and how they interact with everything around them.

  • Fort Building

    Fort Building at Bar Y Outdoor Adventure Camp

    Campers get to design their own fort with guidance from our skilled staff about structure and time challenges. Campers learn how to select the wood, tie lashings and knots, use tools safely and properly, and utilize different building techniques with our Fort Building experts. 

  • Gaga Pit

    Gaga Pit Activity at Bar Y Outdoor Adventure Camp

    To play gaga, you need a foam ball (it’s better to have a ball you would use in the game of dodgeball – to prevent injury) and a gaga pit. Around camp, we have various designated areas for our campers to play their game. Campers are gaga over gaga!

  • Hiking

    Hiking at Bar Y Outdoor Adventure Camp

    What better way to get exercise than taking guided hikes on camp trails?  Don't worry - campers will take plenty of breaks and move at a comfortable pace. 

  • Mamba Slides

    Mamba Slides at Bar Y Outdoor Adventure Camp

    Campers race through tunnels and race against their friends to the finish in our 100-foot long Mamba slides.

  • Sports Fields

    Sports Fields at Bar Y Outdoor Adventure Camp

    Campers play capture the flag, soccer and more on our versatile sports field.

  • Swimming

    Outdoor Pool Onsite at Bar Y Outdoor Adventure Camp

    Campers get to enjoy the private pool located onsite at Bar Y with age-appropriate swim activities under the supervision of camp counselors and licensed, trained lifeguards.