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As a community leader in social responsibility, the Y helps to ensure that our neighbors are living their best life, beyond just fitness programming.

Black Achievers

Since 1985, the YMCA of Central Kentucky’s Black Achievers program has encouraged and inspired youth to pursue their educational and career goals. The program provides a multicultural experience designed to create equity in education and the workforce, inspire youth to attain higher educational and career goals, and develop future local and global leaders. Throughout the course of the program, students gain an increased sense of self, raise their academic standards, and develop cultural competency skills. Youth also gain exposure to diverse career opportunities, professional mentoring, and service learning.

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CPR and First Aid Classes

At the YMCA, we know that every second counts in an emergency. We offer CPR and First Aid classes to our community so they can make the most of those precious seconds.

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Babysitter Training

The YMCA's babysitter's training course is an up-to-date and well-rounded youth development course that equips teens with the tools needed to stay home alone safely and with confidence. This course is both fun and informative. We will teach you to be the best babysitter on the block with hands-on activities, videos, and discussions! You'll learn how to supervise children and infants, perform skills such as diapering and feeding, handle bedtime and discipline issues, safety and injury prevention, communicate effectively with parents, find and interview for babysitting jobs, and basics of first aid and CPR.

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Lifeguard Training

The YMCA Lifeguard Certification course is designed to provide participants the knowledge and skills necessary to be a lifeguard and professional rescuer. The course covers safety skills, accident prevention, scanning, guarding techniques, emergency systems, rescue skills, first aid in aquatic environments, spinal injury management, open water dangers, legal responsibilities, pool maintenance basics and information on how to get a job as a lifeguard.

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