Youth and Adult Martial Arts Programs


Our martial arts program emphasizes a balanced and complete approach to these ancient arts. While the training you receive will enable you to defend yourself, you will also develop concentration, discipline, agility, and strength.


The program is set up with a progressive, graduated rank level system to, so a student can gain skills in each session, and continue to advance from beginner to intermediate and then to advanced levels. Students train with others at their own skill level progressing from basic stances, punches, blocks, and kicks.


Martial arts classes at the Y focus on self-confidence, spatial awareness, coordination and rhythm. Kids and adults learn techniques for kicks, punches and blocks.


Some of our classes include:


Shaolin Martial Arts

Shaolin Martial Arts helps you develop confidence, strength, focus, flexibility, and balance, as well as gain powerful self-defense skills and achieve overall mind, spirit, and body fitness. Individuals and families are encouraged to train together to achieve quality time and work toward a common goal. This is an ongoing progressive program offering classes for all levels, beginner through advanced black belt ranks. Ages 8 to Adult.


Shaolin Kids

Shaolin Kids is offered for children ages 4-7 in a fun environment where kids will gain self-confidence, control and learn discipline. Unique techniques are used to improve coordination, agility, and quickness while learning self-defense. Emphasis placed on increasing flexibility, balance, strength, and total fitness. Great class to prepare for the Shaolin rank advancement martial arts program.


Shotokan Karate

Shotokan is the most widely practiced form of traditional Japanese karate in the world. Shotokan focuses on direct strikes, punches, kicks and blocking techniques. Simple and direct on the surface, Shotokan offers a diverse form of exercise, beneficial to all levels, that incorporates aerobic training, flexibility, explosiveness and strength while learning self-defense. As practitioners progress, Shotokan karate begins to reveal its true depth, with ever greater emphasis on refinement and precision of technique, making this an art that requires a lifetime to master. Ages 10 to Adult.


Shotokan Kids

In our Shotokan Kids classes (Ages 5-9), we introduce basic techniques of punching, kicks, blocks and stances that will provide a solid foundation for kids’ transition and development into the traditional karate program as they grow and mature. We practice karate -themed games that develop timing and distance, as well as games for improvement of strength, coordination and flexibility. Finally, we endeavor to instill a sense of etiquette grounded in civility and mutual respect for everyone. 


Tai Chi – Meditation in Motion

Tai Chi is a classic meditative art that combines slow movements with special breathing techniques to improve overall health as well as manage stress, increase strength, and improve balance and flexibility. Using the Lee Family Tai Chi form, this practice results in a mental and physical revitalization. Tai Chi practice has been recommended by the National Arthritis Foundation.


Tai Chi Sword

Learn this beautiful martial arts double-edge sword form that helps develop balance, awareness, focus, and grace. Much like the empty-hand Tai Chi practice, Tai Chi Chien (Sword) consists of linked, slow movements integrating body, breath, and mental focus. A unique way to exercise body, mind, and spirit for anyone, regardless of fitness level. Open to non-martial arts students. Also counts toward rank advancement. Information on acquiring a practice sword will be given at the first class meeting. Ages 14-Adult.


The Iron Fan

The Iron Fan is great for anyone who is looking for a new way to exercise the entire body, improving focus, balance, and coordination— all done with the grace of a dance. The Iron Fan can also be used for self-defense. Information on acquiring a Fan will be given by the instructor at the first class meeting. Open to non-martial arts students. Also counts toward rank advancement. Ages 14-Adult.


Chi Kung

Chi Kung (Qigong) is a meditative exercise system focusing on cultivating one’s “lifeforce” energies for health and well-being. Chi Kung practice develops the mind, body and internal “Chi” through special techniques to regulate the breath, special postures to regulate the body, and quiet concentration to regulate the mind and awareness. Da Mo’s 18 position form is introduced in this class.


Tai Chi Level II

This second level Tai Chi class continues the practice introduced with the beginning Lee Family Tai Chi Chuan. At this level, students will learn more advanced breathing techniques, achieve greater body control and balance, and learn to target the body's vital organs for improved health. Level 1/Beginner Lee Tai Chi Chuan is required, but the form will be extensively reviewed for students who need help from the beginner class.