The Toyota Bluegrass Miracle League Baseball Program


The Toyota Bluegrass Miracle League (TBML) is a baseball program for both youth and adults with special needs.


The program provides opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to play baseball, regardless of their abilities. The youth league consists of both a spring and fall season and is played on Saturdays at Shillito Park in Lexington, KY. Each team consists of about 12 players and is led by a coach and an assistant coach. Every player has the opportunity to bat every inning.


The games consist of two innings and always end in a tie. Each inning, every player gets a hit, every player gets on base and every player scores. It’s all about having fun! The Toyota Bluegrass Miracle League also includes a league for adults. The adult league also plays at Shillito Park, and games are played on Tuesdays during both the spring and fall. The day-to-day operations of the Toyota Bluegrass Miracle League are managed by the YMCA of Central Kentucky, along with the TBML Board of Directors. Learn more about the program with YMCA of Central Kentucky.


To learn more about the program or to register, email or call 859-367-7346.