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12 Days of Fitmas challenge graphic

Welcome to the 12 Days of Fitmas! It's going to be exciting, sweaty, and tough. But nothing is merrier, jollier, or more joyful than a fitter, healthier you!

Here's how you can stay active this holiday season with your local YMCA:

  • Every day Dec. 5-16, we'll post a new workout for you to complete at your own pace. These are bodyweight-only exercises - no equipment needed! Try to do each workout as best you can. We encourage you to take modifications or breaks as needed; just do your best!
  •  The challenge is accumulator style, so each day will be a little bit longer, a little bit tougher. On day 1, you'll do 1 move. On day 2, you'll do a second move plus the first move from day 1. On day 3, you'll do a third move, plus the first two moves. We'll continue this for twelve days, culminating in a 12-move workout.
  • The 12 Days of Fitmas can be in addition to other movement you are doing on a day, or it can be your movement break, even when it is short. Remember, anything is better than nothing!
  • Post your progress on social to share the festive fitness fun and tag us!
  •  We'll post a preview of the workout on social media - be sure you're following along on Facebook and Instagram! We'll also have the full workout video with a YMCA of Central KY instructor posted on our 12 Days of Fitmas YouTube Playlist.
  • Join the December challenge and start busting a sweat!  All participants in the challenge will each be entered in to a drawing to win one of twelve great prizes!
    • YMCA members, enroll in the challenge by joining through your mobile app
    • Non-Y members, complete this form to enroll.
    • Unfortunately, our app cannot track the individual workouts you complete so this challenge is on the honor system - but we promise, when you move you'll feel better! And posting/tagging us is a great way to log that you've completed it and we will celebrate you! 

Stay tuned for more tips from the Y! Next week, we're sharing 7 Ways for Staying Healthy and Happy During the Holidays. It's practical guidance for spirit, mind, and body through this season!


12 Days of Fitmas challenge graphic
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