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Snow and Ice

  • Programs and Classes include swim lessons, sports practices/games, martial arts, dance, art, gymnastics, group exercise (land & water), trainings, personal training, specialty classes, etc.

  • Licensed Child Care includes, school age child care before/after school, & Out of School Days.

  • Fitness Center, Pool and Child Watch areas will remain open as long as the facility is open.

Program and Class Cancellations (All programs/classes except for School Age Child Care)

  • If the public school is delayed or closed in your service area, all programs and classes will be canceled until 7:45 a.m. Decisions for classes/programs later in the day will be made in accordance with current forecasts and weather conditions.
  • If public schools are released early, all programs and classes from that designated time forward will be canceled.
  • If school is not in session, such as weekends or holidays, the branch will consider road conditions, the forecast, what government and other agencies/businesses are doing and what the city or town is asking the residents to do.

School Age Child Care Reminders

  • If schools open on a delay, before school programs do not operate

  • If schools dismiss early, after school programs in schools do not operate, branch programs can still receive their students bused in by school district and YMCA buses.

  • Branch Out of School days run 7 a.m. – 6 p.m., children need sack lunch with a drink, swim items, and $35 fee per day. Please register at the branch for this program. $35.00 registration fee due at time of registration unless already paid during the school year

  • Lunches need to be “nut free” and non-refrigerated

  • Participants can also register online for SDO programming

Generally, programs may be cancelled, but basic branch services will remain open unless a snow emergency for the community is declared.

We will make every attempt to keep our facilities open and programs/classes on schedule during periods of inclement weather, while keeping our staff and members safe as they travel to and from the Y.

Severe Weather for Pools

At the YMCA of Central Kentucky, the safety of members, program participants, staff and guests are highest priority. After careful review and consideration of national statistics associated with the use of indoor swimming pools during thunderstorms where lightning is present in the area, we are pleased to provide our policy below. For outdoor pools, however, swimming during a thunderstorm is extremely dangerous. Lightning regularly strikes water, and since water conducts electricity, a nearby lightning strike is extremely probable.

Indoor Pools
The indoor pools, waterparks and pool decks at all YMCA of Central Kentucky locations will remain open at the discretion of the management staff during thunderstorms. We reserve the right to close the indoor pool if severe weather is in the direct vicinity and poses a significant threat. Indoor pools will close immediately when a tornado warning has been issued in the area. All members and staff will receive instruction for the safest location inside the facility while the area is under a tornado warning. Once the warning has been lifted, all swimming pools will re-open.

Outdoor Pools

Lightning and Thunder: When thunder or lightning is first noticed, outdoor activities will be suspended, and all outdoor pools and pool decks will be evacuated until 30 minutes after the last sign of thunder or lightning. The distance from a facility to an approaching thunderstorm can be five to eight miles away, but lightning can strike from a much farther distance.

Heavy rain can make it difficult to see the bottom of an outdoor pool or beneath the surface. If heavy rain causes bottom obstruction, pools will be cleared, and swimming halted until the rain lets up. Wind can also cause safety hazards. If wind is observably strong or gusty and causes bottom obstruction due to rippling, swimmers will be cleared from pools until the bottom is visible.

The YMCA of Central Kentucky will follow the official temperature and inclement weather conditions of local and national weather forecasting professionals to make decisions on games. Decisions on game cancelations will be made After 4 P.M. for the following day’s games. Updates will be posted at, our Facebook page and on the Y game scheduling site. These same guidelines will be used to determine practice conditions and cancelations. When determining temperature, the YMCA will use the website WeatherBug at

For the safety of players, the YMCA will cancel games if the temperature reaches 104 degrees or above. If there is a Heat Index of 104 degrees or above, activities will be canceled as well. Any combination of the two will result in cancelation.

Tips for Hot Weather Conditions
When hot weather conditions become extreme, please remember the following:

  • Take frequent rest and water breaks.
  • Drink water before you are thirsty. By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.
  • Wear light, loose fitting clothing made of breathable fabric light in color.
  • Listen to your body. Stop if you feel chest pain, dizzy, lightheaded or nauseated.

Spotting Dehydration
Even mild dehydration can affect your child’s athletic performance and make him or her lethargic. Left untreated, dehydration increases the risk of other heat-related illnesses, including heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Encourage your child to pay attention to early signs and symptoms of dehydration, including: Dry or sticky mouth, thirst, headache, dizziness, cramp, excessive fatigue.

Remind your child that he or she should report signs and symptoms to the coach right away. If dehydration is detected early, fluids and rest might be all that is needed. If your child seems confused or loses consciousness, seek emergency care immediately.

Prevention is key
If your child plays sports in hot weather, encourage him or her to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after practices and games. Teach your child the signs and symptoms of dehydration, as well as the importance of speaking up if they occur.

Involve your child’s coach, too. Talk to the coach about adjusting the intensity of the practice depending on the temperature and humidity on the field – and support decisions made to cancel games and practices when it is dangerously hot outside.