Volunteer Chris Douglas smiles at the Prevention Park YMCA

Chris Douglas grew up playing basketball and attending lock-ins at the YMCA as a child, so he knew when his own kids were old enough, he wanted them to have similar experiences. When they started in youth sports in the YMCA's Frankfort leagues, Chris noticed that one of their coaches didn't take the time to get to know all of the kids personally, and he felt the experience could be better. So, he started volunteering and over ten years later, still hasn't stopped.

"I've enjoyed my experience," Chris shares. I've gotten to know so many more people in the community. My kids have found some of their best friends through YMCA activities. So many of these families have become a part of my family."

And the Y community has likewise felt Chris' impact. He was honored as the 2021 Frankfort YMCA Volunteer of the Year for his commitment to the Y's programs, mission, and participants. He was nominated in part because, "many kids and parents request to be on his team due to the structure and fun he provides while teaching them how to compete and how to be a good teammate."

When Chris thinks about the Y, he naturally thinks of youth sports, but also that the organization is a pillar in the community and provides opportunity. In addition to volunteer coaching, through the years, he's had the chance to also serve as a referee and a league supervisor.

All of this involvement is an expression of Chris' sincere love of youth sports. "I just enjoy it. If I'm not coaching at the Y, I'm on some other soccer field or basketball court coaching."

It's because of volunteers like Chris, who so selflessly share their time and talent, that the YMCA can provide a safe and encouraging environment for youth to explore sports season after season. Thanks for all you do, Chris! We're better because of you.


Volunteer Chris Douglas smiles at the Prevention Park YMCA