YMCA Member Spotlight on Steven Howe

“I joined to add some physical workout time in my life. I stay because I feel part of a community,” said Steven Howe. 

Steven has been a member of the Y for two years now and enjoys taking group exercise classes and using the wellness center at the C.M. Gatton Beaumont YMCA.  

“The Y has offered me a place to take a break from life and improve my health. A positive change in mental focus and attitude,” he added.  

We asked Steven what the first three things that come to his mind when he thinks of the Y. He stated “Get away, healthy and clean!” 

“I look forward to coming to the Y and feeling frustrations melt away after my workouts. Life is a different place afterwards!”  

The Y wouldn’t be the place it is today without members like Steven. Thanks for the positive words of encouragement and sharing how the Y has made an impact on your life.