YMCA Member Spotlight on Paige Williams

Paige Williams began prepping for her first bodybuilding competition in April 2019. With the support of the Whitaker Family YMCA staff and members she won first place in all five classes she competed in at her first competition in August 2019 and earned a National show qualification. 

“I’ve found a great community of like-minded people who all support each other in whatever fitness journey they’re on,” Paige commented. 

“The Y is for everyone! I work out every morning with the same group: there is me, a man who has lost over 130 lbs. and a young girl who wrestles on a National wrestling team hoping to make it to the Olympics one day. We’re all there to better ourselves and support each other and I love that!” she added.

Paige is prepping for her second bodybuilding show in April 2021 and hopes to step on a National stage in late 2021.

When asked what comes to mind when she thinks of the Y, she stated, “community, safe and all inclusive.” 

Her last comment to us, she expressed her thanks to the Y for supporting all the essential workers and children during COVID-19. “How the Y has responded to the outbreak and has navigated through this time to keep health and wellness an option for everyone in the greater Lexington area is moving.”

We wish Paige the best of luck as she continues to reach her fitness goals with the support of her Y and community she's found here.