“The Y has become a positive habit to my daily routine and lifts my spirits from the time I walk in until the end of my day. It’s become a second home to me and will always be a part of my life and my recovery,” said Jason DeZarn.

Jason joined the Y while attending the recovery program at the Hope Center Program for Men in 2018. “It provided me a place to put into practice a daily routine to help condition my mind, body, and spirit. It’s also been a big part of my recovery process that's helped fuel my energy,” he said.

“Not only is it convenient for me, but when you walk in the door the employees there make you feel welcome. It’s also a place that has the three things I love to do which is play basketball, swim, and workout,” DeZarn added.  

After focusing on his own recovery, Jason is now head peer mentor at the Hope Center doing what he is passionate about; helping others.

Outside of work and working out Jason enjoys playing softball and golf. 

“The fact that when I walk in, I can be having a bad day but when I leave the Y, I am in such a better mood…and knowing that keeps me striving for that each day.”