Aubrey Gray family

“We adore the Y as a family. The kids enjoy it which makes me love it more,” said Aubrey Gray. Aubrey, her husband Robbie, and their five children have been members of the Y since 2013. 

We asked Aubrey what motivated them to join the Y and she stated, “to stay healthy individually and as a family.”

Aubrey loves attending group exercise classes such as cycling, HIIT, power hour, and triple threat. “I love Pam, she doesn't mess around in her classes and she pushes you. You get a great workout for sure and I don't like wasting time or energy so I love all her classes,” Gray commented.  

While mom and dad get in their self-care time, the Gray children thoroughly enjoy coming to the Y’s Kids’ Corner. 

“We have been going to the Y since my oldest was 9 months old and is now 8 years old. Donna Jo has been there the whole time and she knows all my kids so well. They always make the best effort to make the kids feel welcomed and enjoy their time there. I have never had an issue of the kids not wanting to go. Even during all this craziness, they have done fun crafts and loved on the kids as much as possible. The workers have done the girl's hair before and they even have made sweet Mother's Day key chains back in May. I feel like they are investing in the kids and not just sitting in the corner watching them but engaging with them,” she added.   

The Gray children are home schooled so extracurricular activities are important for their family. They have participated in ballet, swim lessons, soccer, gymnastics, and basketball at the Y. “All have been great experiences and we look forward to those starting back up again,” Aubrey told us.      

“We understand and respect all the steps the Y has taken to keep open and abide by guidelines. It is a great place for the kids and me and Robbie to stay healthy and active! We have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate our Y.”