Safety Tips from Lexington Police Department

The Lexington Police Department would like to remind all YMCA of Central Kentucky members, program participants and volunteers to never leave valuables in your vehicles, and always make sure the doors are locked, particularly during the holiday season.

A few tips to remember:

  • Most often, thieves will check car door handles looking for easy targets. If doors are locked, and you leave something in plain view, they could take the step of smashing the window to take the items.
  • Don’t leave a purse or briefcase in your car when you go to work out, or go in a facility to drop off or pick up. Thieves may be watching to see if you’ve tucked an item under the front seat, or hidden it under a jacket in the back seat.
  • Also, the Police Department recommends that you take items with you and store those belongings in a secure locker, or to put items in your trunk before arriving at any destination (so thieves don’t see you putting items in there).

Thank you, and for more information please visit the Lexington Police Department’s residents and visitors web page