Jim and Pat Shifflett at the North Lexington Family YMCA

Jim and Pat Shifflett have spent years as members and volunteers at the North Lexington Family YMCA. Originally, the Y was a place to stay active after Jim completed cardiac rehab, but over time, the couple has found a community of like-minded and caring people. "I love it that the YMCA invites everyone without prejudice, working with all peoples to meet the needs of the community as well as the individual. I can grow with balance, spirit, soul, and body. The mission statement is very important to us. The YMCA is the only place except church where the principles that are taught in the Bible can be observed. That means a lot to us as we are active in our church."

The belief in the community work of the YMCA has compelled the couple to be involved as volunteers, each serving terms as board members at the North Lexington Family YMCA. Pat shares, "The board has been such a challenging and exciting experience, and it was great finding out everything the Y is accomplishing and being a part of changing lives in the community! While on the board, we saw how wisely the money was used to meet needs and also how important it is to secure pledges and get funding to help these events come into fruition. We have been motivated to ask groups to pledge and help with funds for our seniors and the kids. It is so great that the YMCA does not want to ever turn away anyone who wants to be a part of this organization because of lack of funds. We see the YMCA as impacting the community in many ways! The Y has a myriad of programs for all age groups to select from, meeting the needs of every person."

Beyond their past involvement with the board, Jim and Pat continue to volunteer to keep their fellow senior members engaged, and participate in a variety of social activities as well. "Jim and I are involved in planning and carrying out the gathering of special holiday events for socializing such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually with a spring event along with other members," Pat says. "We have made lasting friendships with people we have met there, and see many friends socially outside of the Y. We enjoy the extra activities such as the dress rehearsals that are offered to us through Bob’s class at the Opera House! How enjoyable! We plan our weekly schedule around our YMCA activities and make it a priority! We are excited about our lives and encourage everyone to come and enjoy the YMCA with us! We really know and feel it when we have to miss it for any reason. "

From the friendships they have formed to the exercise that keeps them active and healthy, the Shiffletts have truly found a home away from home at the YMCA. They remark on, "how special and professional the entire staff is! They are warm, friendly, and helpful with a welcoming attitude that invites a person in to see what is available for each individual. They make everyone feel at home. The building is modern and well equipped with machines for all needs/and classes of all types, something for everyone. And wow, our new pickleball layout is most impressive!"

For all the time and energy they give to the North Lexington Family YMCA community, it's amazing to hear the many other ways Jim and Pat stay active. Married for almost twenty years, they are devoted both to each other and to their community. Pat says, "Jim and I worked together as volunteers at Hospice, and have been active in our church together. Now, we work on a ministry I have been doing since my first book was published, OUR FELLOWSHIP WITH HIS HOLY SPIRIT. We are both caregivers with each other. He is my wonderful best friend, encourager, proofreader for all my writings, chauffeur, and travel buddy. We travel to visit family, and friends and places, do book signings, reviewing my books, giving my testimony, doing Q and A’s, speaking to groups of people to spread the Good News of the Gospel, laugh together, and stay healthy by working out at the YMCA!"


We are grateful to Jim and Pat for sharing their story with us, and for being a vibrant and supportive part of our North Lexington Family YMCA for so many years. We'd love to hear your Y story! You can share your story here or reach out to our marketing team directly at marketing@ymcacky.org.


Jim and Pat Shifflett at the North Lexington Family YMCA