YMCA of Central KY Member Frank Messina at the Beaumont YMCA

Local Lexingtonians may recognize Frank Messina as a professional musician playing around town with his band, or as the author of the six-volume murder mystery series set in Lexington and Central Kentucky, "The Bluegrass Files," but for many of us, he's known as a founding member of "They Y-Guys," a group of men who have met at the C.M. Gatton Beaumont YMCA each Friday morning for coffee and fellowship (and donuts) for over three years.

"I really never expected that finding such a great group of guys, along with relationships with the staff members and others, would be such a wonderful addition to the health benefits I experience at the Y," Frank shares. Those health benefits are many for Frank, even as the mode of exercise has changed through the decade he has been a member. "I was a runner for years, but my knees told me that would no longer be a part of my exercise regimen. Now, my most significant exercise comes in the lap pool where I try to swim three days a week. At 75, I not only find that the workout is very effective, I've come to enjoy the quiet mental space I drift into while swimming non-stop for thirty minutes or more. I can't imagine giving that up until I absolutely have to . . . and I'm hopeful that will be a good long while from now."

Frank joined the Y on his 65th birthday, upon learning he was eligible for a SilverSneakers membership, and has not looked back - or stopped moving or building relationships - since. "Beside enjoying the best pool in town and access to the track and weight room, it's the connections I've made with an entirely new and diverse set of friends that have enriched my life the most." Through his own experience, he sees the impact the Y has on the community, reflecting, "In a world where more and more people feel isolated, maybe even alienated, it's wonderful to know that there is an organization filled with warm-hearted people who strive daily to create an environment that is emotionally supportive and welcoming, while helping others achieve a healthier life-style."

He continues, sharing that when he thinks of the Y, he thinks of, "staying healthy, deepening relationships, and enjoying a safe place in which to be myself." Though he is active and engaged in our YMCA community, it is just a part of his overall physical, mental, and social health. "Between writing, performing, and teaching private students, as well as spending time with my wonderful family, my life feels more than full, and I am grateful for all those things."


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YMCA of Central KY Member Frank Messina at the Beaumont YMCA