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Read the YMCA Blog: 6 Tips for Keeping Your 2022 Goals

Did you make a new year’s resolution or set intentions for 2022? Whatever you may call it, goal-setting can be an effective way to initiate change and develop new habits (or drop old ones!).  We’re three weeks into the new year, so we are here to check in and see how you’re doing and offer a few tips to help you stay on track:

  1. Review, reflect and write – think back on the intentions you set as 2021 wound down. You were hopeful, motivated - maybe resigned? - to making a change in some way in your life. Thinking back now, do you find you set reasonable expectations? Do you need to make adjustments to the goal, or the strategies you’ll use to achieve it?

    It has been said that writing down your goal increases the likelihood of achieving it by 42%! If you haven’t made a list of your resolution(s) and action items to reach them, now may be a good time to open a note in your phone, grab a piece of paper and pen, or email yourself.  There’s power in moving it out of your mind and into written form!
  2. Make it Manageable - In reflecting on your initial resolution, do you find it was too ambitious? Did you choose too many things to try to change? Consider changing one thing at a time and as you see success with that, then introduce another. Big dreams, big goals are good - but if they overwhelm you beyond action, they’ll always just be a dream.
  3. Ask for accountability and support! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you want or need expertise -especially if you are pursuing something new to you - ask for it! If you have goals related to health and wellness, staff at any of our YMCA locations would love to help! Included with your membership is a free Success Appointment, where you receive one-on-one attention to help you get to know your Y and guide you toward your fitness and wellness goals. This is a safe place to learn about cardio and strength equipment, classes, programs offered at the Y, and any other questions you may have!
  4. “Siri, Add to Calendar…”  - Make an appointment with yourself! Schedule your workout time, your meal prep time, your additional study time, or your date night with your significant other. Related to the power of writing it down, adding to your calendar designates time for your new habit, allowing you to choose how much time you give it, and building it into your day or week like you would other appointments.  If you have determined this goal is meaningful for you and will be significant if you achieve it, it is worth a slot on your calendar. Bonus challenge: don’t cancel on yourself. You are worth showing up for!
  5. Find a Buddy – a buddy, a friend, an accountability partner! Once you’ve got a plan outlined and dates on your calendar, having someone to support you along the way can make or break reaching your goal some days.  A like-minded support system will help you stay the course, reminding you of the WHY behind your resolution, and that you are capable of continuing to act on it. Added bonus? You can be an accountability partner to them – and helping another person is good for your own well-being.
  6. Celebrate - Mark milestones along the way toward achieving your goal. Eventually, your habit may become a lifestyle change, but until then take the time to celebrate achievements. Small victories are victories all the same! Pro tip – be intentional with these, too!

Whatever intentions you have set, we’re here rooting you on! The Y is a place for all, connecting all people to their potential, purpose, and each other. We wish you a healthy and happy 2022!