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The following health and safety guidelines have been established in order for our members to achieve the greatest personal benefit in a safe, enjoyable environment. Consult a physician before beginning a new program of physical activity.

Please respect our wellness center staff that have complete authority over the Wellness Center.

Wellness Center Age Requirements:

  • Members ages 14 and over are welcome to use the Wellness Center.
  • Members ages 10-13 may use the Wellness Center with direct parental supervision, this excludes use of treadmills, free weights and stair climbers. Youth are invited to participate in a youth fitness orientation to receive education on proper fitness training and guidance on establishing healthy goals. After completing a youth fitness orientation, youth ages 10-13 may use approved equipment with direct parental supervision.

Be responsible!

  • Learn how to use the wellness center equipment safely and with proper technique.
  • Members may schedule an equipment orientation with one of our Wellness or Member Services Staff.
  • To maintain a family-friendly environment, members must wear appropriate attire at all times.
  • Please use earbuds or headphones when listening to personal music devices.
  • Avoid wearing open-toed and open-heeled shoes in the Wellness Center.
  • Re-rack weights, dumbbells, bars, and collars to their appropriate storage areas.
  • Use collars on Olympic bars for safety and have a spotter when lifting heavy weights
  • Refrain from slamming, banging, or tossing weights/plates.
  • Refrain from aggressive behavior and inappropriate language.

Be honest, respectful and display a caring attitude toward others

  • Abide by the 30-minute time limit rule on cardio equipment during peak times.
  • Wipe off machines with paper towel/rag and disinfectant after use.
  • Allow others to work in with you when performing multiple sets.
  • Avoid having phone conversations in the Wellness Center.
  • Be courteous and do not drop weights or bars.