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Who can refer a new member?

Any active YMCA facility member can refer a new member to join in the month of June 2022 to be eligible for a free month of membership in August 2022.​


Who can join the Y under the referral program?

Current members can refer anyone who has not been a member of the YMCA of Central Kentucky for at least 30 days prior. If you have been a previous member, you will need to use your previous Y account to reactivate your membership. If you have trouble accessing your account, please email Previous members are subject to any outstanding balances from previous membership or programs before rejoining.


What are the benefits of referring a new member?

By referring a new member, current members can give a friend or loved one the chance to save $50 on the join fee in the month of June and they will receive a free month. If current member refers more than one unit that joins in June, the free months of membership would apply in the consecutive months starting in August 2022; i.e. I refer two friends who join = August-FREE, September-FREE​


How can I refer someone?

Current members will need to complete our webform with their current information. An automatic email will be sent to their referral with a special promo code for them to join online. 


What membership types qualify for the referral program?

All YMCA of Central Kentucky memberships qualify. However, insurance based memberships do not have a monthly fee and will not receive anything in return. ​


Are employees eligible to receive free month?

Part-time employees who have a household employee membership are eligible for a free month for each referral.​


How soon will referring member get free month?

New member who joins the Y in June will receive a waived join fee. They will receive the online promo code via email once the current member refers them through the online webform. The referring member will receive their free month in August and any other consecutive months after if they refer more than one membership unit.​


I’m having trouble with the webform or joining process. Who can I contact for help?

Email with further questions.