Swimmers 12 and under must complete a swim skills test with a certified lifeguard and be assigned a swim band to wear each time they come to the pool. Each swimmer will be required to test once a year but can re-test at any time.

Red Swim Band 
Non-experienced swimmers will receive a red ban and:

  • Only be allowed in the shallow area of the pool.

  • Require active adult supervision (16 or older) within arm's length.

  • Must be in a Coast Guard approved flotation device.

Yellow Swim Band 

Steps to successfully get a yellow wristband:

  • Float on back for 30 seconds and regain vertical position on their own or tread water for 30 seconds.

  • Swim half of the length of the pool, turn around and swim back on stomach unassisted.

  • Swimmers who pass the shallow water test may swim in areas of pool that is armpit deep or less.

Green Swim Band 

Steps to successfully get a green wristband:

  • Jump into deep water that is over the individual's head and return to the surface.

  • Swim 25 yards of the pool unassisted using front crawl or breaststroke.

  • Tread water for at least one minute with ears and face above water at all times.

  • Exit the pool without assistance.

Enjoy your time at the pool! The YMCA of Central Kentucky reserves the right to limit activities to protect members, participants and guests. For your safety and the safety of others, please obey all verbal instructions from YMCA staff.