Play, experimentation and discovery, and positive relationships with caregivers are all still key pieces of our programming even as children age up into our Twos classrooms. Here, teachers challenge and encourage children to do even more while maintaining a classroom that promotes exploration and self-initiated play. Throughout the course of the day, teachers take advantage of routines to expose children to print, count with them, help build their flourishing vocabularies, and much more. As our twos become more capable and increasingly independent, teachers work with them to enhance even more self-help skills, including partnering directly with families so that children can be successful in conquering one of childhood’s most challenging milestones - potty training. This self-help skill, as well as helping to take care of their classroom environment, following directions, being able to communicate effectively with their caregivers all support children as they get ready to go to a Preschool environment.  

Twos program serves children 24 months to three years