In our Preschool program, there begins a stronger emphasis on the pre-kindergarten academic skills that you often see in early childhood classrooms. Play continues to be an essential component of our programming and Preschool teachers use the Learning Without Tears program to support and supplement the math, pre-reading, and handwriting experiences that are offered to children. Experiences for children are presented in the forms of games or they are given hands-on materials to manipulate and explore in order to learn pre-kindergarten concepts in ways that are natural and more meaningful to them. Children begin to take the lead in their own learning by using charts to document what they know about a topic, what they want to know, and then reflect on what they have learned. In Preschool, extended projects, often with a S.T.E.A.M. focus, occur more frequently and the children are encouraged to delve into topics more deeply.   

Preschool program serves children three years to the fall before children are Kindergarten-eligible