In this last year before elementary school, our Kindergarten Prep Program offers a different kind of experience from any other in our center. It seeks to balance children’s need for movement and active experiences, while helping them to learn all of the skills necessary for a successful entrance into Kindergarten. Beginning in August, these classrooms follow an academic year as much as possible, which models what they will experience the following year but also allows teachers to implement supplemental materials such as Handwriting Without Tears for pre-writing, WiggleWorks for guided reading, and Learning Without Tears for math, in a way that builds the children’s skills in a developmental order throughout the year. Children will also begin to participate in things like calendar, journaling, and sight words to enhance their knowledge and the S.T.E.A.M. Projects of Preschool become more collaborative to build their important social skills.    

Kindergarten Prep program serves children who will be eligible for Kindergarten the following year