Six Fulfilling Experiences to Try in the New Decade

Many of us take the New Year as an opportunity to make resolutions and set new goals in our lives. As we enter a new decade, why not set yourself a goal of enriching your life by adding some new experiences to it? We pride ourselves on our welcoming, open environment, which includes not only our wellness centers for health and exercise but also a place to engage in volunteer activities, coach or referee youth sports and much more. 

If you have a passion for a particular sport or a desire to give back to the community, there has never been a better time to get started. Below are some of the opportunities available at the YMCA of Central Kentucky for helping at the YMCA of Central Kentucky for helping you find a new experience in the new decade. Contact us to learn more

Coach Youth Sports
Sports help children develop self-esteem, learn teamwork and much more. We are able to offer these programs because of the willingness of community members to give their time and share their talents to help coach our teams and referee games. Coaching provides the opportunity to teach a sport you are passionate about, establish lasting relationships and enables you to be a positive role model for youth.  Learn more about all of the activities available at the YMCA of Central Kentucky with potential coaching, refereeing and teaching opportunities. 

Teach a Class
From youth to adult programs, there are several opportunities to teach classes at the Y. Teaching a group fitness class engages with others and can also help keep you motivated in your own health and fitness journey. Take your passion to the next level by sharing your expertise with others. Learn more about some of the class offerings available and apply for an open position.

Mentor Someone
Mentors are critical to the success of Y programs. The YMCA of Central Kentucky relies on volunteers to be positive role models for youth and adults. Make a real difference in someone’s life by becoming a mentor at the Y.

Become a Leader at the YMCA
We are always looking for leaders to help support our mission. Do you have good communication and organizational skills and a desire to produce results in your community? Then look no farther! The experience you will gain as a leader with us will be invaluable and the rewards will be endless. Get more information about becoming a leader.

Volunteer at a Community Event
Serve runners water at our annual Reindeer Ramble, help decorate for the annual Christmas Ball, or help with registration at our job fair. These are just some of the many roles we need helping filling to support our events. Learn more about volunteering

Become CPR & First Aid Certified
One of the best things you can do for yourself, your family, and your community is to become CPR and First Aid certified. According to the American Heart Association, more than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of the hospital. CPR can double or triple a person’s chance of survival. Being prepared for emergency situations can help reduce injuries and save lives. Do not assume that there will be someone else around to help. Give yourself the confidence in knowing that you have been expertly trained and will know how to react in an emergency. Learn more about becoming CPR and First Aid certified.