Member Olivia T at the YMCA of Central KY

Olivia Turner is a woman of many interests and hobbies: some days, she might be crocheting and knitting, reading, or listening to various books. She may be keeping her brain engaged with different languages on Duolingo, or playing video or board games with friends; or you may find her cooking, baking, or grilling some fun and adventurous recipes. Physically, Olivia likes to stay active on the tennis courts, hiking trails or kayaking - and at the YMCA. She enjoys "the one-on-one personal training instruction and the variety of classes I can tap into when reaching different goals. I continue utilizing the 'Y' as a part of my daily regime because of the mental and physical balance it supports for my overall well-being."

With a household membership, Olivia has found that the many benefits of belonging to the YMCA extend past her own health. "The Y offers many programs my family and I can utilize in one visit. As a foster mom, I appreciate the various free activities the children can participate in together. For example, playing basketball and shooting hoops, swimming laps, taking a slip down the water slide, enjoying the water shower under the aquatic umbrella, or in the warmer months, enjoying the splash pad." In her three years as a YMCA member, she has also come to appreciate the ways the Y impacts her life beyond exercise. "The 'Y' is a great place for daily inspiration," she shares. "The community that makes up the 'Y' is a mezcla of individuals working on their mental and physical well-being in a centralized location. It is inspiring to hit the gym knowing that we share similar well-being goals and leaving without feeling judged or ashamed of where we are because where we are is not the end but only the beginning."

We couldn't agree more with Olivia! Belonging at the YMCA can be the beginning of self-care, wellness, and health for spirit, mind, and body for all. We're grateful Olivia shared a few thoughts from her experience as a member.

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Member Olivia T at the YMCA of Central KY
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