Ezra Kristian | YMCA of Central KY Member Spotlight

Ezra Kristian joined as a member of the YMCA in the summer of 2023, wanting to check out the facilities and classes. In that time, she has taken advantage of the city-wide membership by utilizing three locations, finding that staff and members are “very welcoming and inclusive everywhere.” Though she has long maintained an active outdoor lifestyle with BMX and road biking, membership at the YMCA has allowed Ezra to explore new activities and ways to exercise. “It’s cool to be doing something so different than where I was at a year ago.” That journey began with her interest in learning how to properly swim. “Swimmers are an admirable breed with their level of endurance, and the seasoned folks have been very sweet and welcoming of this novice swimmer - and quite generous with providing helpful tips along the way. There's a sort of down-to-earth but pedal-to-the-metal ambiance at the pool, and the welcoming atmosphere has motivated me to put in regular practice time.” The regular practice time, it seems, will add up for Ezra. She’s working toward completing the 300-mile swim challenge at the High Street YMCA, that provides both structure and regular doses of accomplishment. “The high-mileage demand is a format for motivation as it requires you to be in the water to chip away at it daily.”

Beyond daily discipline and improving swim technique, the practice has opened doors to other new experiences for personal accomplishments and community building, too. “I've since done three sprint triathlons here in Kentucky, including the February 2024 Phillip Cullen Indoor Triathlon at the North Lexington Family YMCA, which was a fantastic in-house experience. I've also met new friends here. They are all very supportive and encouraging, and I hope to be the same for others along the way.”

Ezra sees and appreciates the ways that the Y fosters inclusion for all people and at all levels. “It's motivating and inspiring to be around others who diligently work on self-improvement. It’s ok being a beginner in anything because people are very supportive; you can begin where you're at, and you can take your time. The Y offers a place for opportunity to meet and be with others to create and form a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to checking out more of what the Y offers, and I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity to grow with others.”

Ezra Kristian | YMCA of Central KY Member Spotlight
Locations: High Street YMCA
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