YMCA Member Spotlight on Crystal Newton

“I joined the Y because I wanted a healthier lifestyle and knew working out regularly was a great start,” said Crystal Newton, a five-year member of the Y. 

Crystal made a commitment to herself to work with a personal trainer when she got started at the Y. She works out with her trainer twice per week at our High Street YMCA in downtown Lexington. 

We asked Crystal what she appreciates most about the Y and she stated, “My personal trainer, Mark! He is the best. He motivates me just enough so that I get results but not burnt out. I never get bored; he always challenges me.” 

“I have become healthier! I work out almost daily and also make better decisions with food. Exercise also doubles as a stress reliever for me!” she added. 

We asked her YMCA personal trainer, Mark Wright what advice he often gives to Crystal and he said, “I often tell Crystal one of my favorite quotes… ‘be comfortable being uncomfortable’.” 

After warming up on the elliptical for one of her sessions with Mark, Crystal commented, “What I enjoy most about my experience here is the feeling of accomplishment once I finish a workout. It takes hard work, dedication, and goals.” 

If you are a regular exerciser or just getting started, personal training is a great way to get yourself moving and to have someone that will keep you accountable. 

Keep up the great work, Crystal! 

Locations: High Street YMCA