Join Team Kentucky for a Health-Y Challenge March 23-April 23

Healthy living is an important part of our mission - and we want to keep that mission alive despite our current circumstances. It is important now, more than ever, that we come together as a Y movement to remain connected to each other and foster a sense of community. This challenge combines your Y community with Y-approved workouts - to help you stay active, connected, and motivated outside of the Ys doors. Oh, and to have a little fun and competition while doing so!


  1. Sign up for the Stay Health-Y challenge and once you login pick team KENTUCKY! Goal is 600 minutes (Cardio 50%, Strength 35%, and Mind-Body 15%).
  2. Workout - Choose to workout at home or outside. Anywhere that you workout counts towards your goal.
  3. Track your workouts using YTRAAK. Tracking starts March 23-April 23. Use YTRAAK to track your workouts in real-time. YTRAAK can be accessed on all devices and at anytime and takes only 10 seconds to log a workout.
  4. Help your Kentucky team win!  For the YTRAAK Stay Health-Y 600 Challenge, YMCAs may be matched up for some fun and competition. Winners of these match ups will be decided by a custom YMCA Challenge Point System that is calculated and displayed in real-time in your profile and on the stats page. The team with the most points at the end of the challenge will be the winner of the match up.