Cummins, Ashanti Senior | YMCA of Central KY Black Achievers

We are pleased to introduce the graduating class of the YMCA of Central KY Black Achievers 2023-24 program year. These seniors have met the program attendance and participation requirements to be eligible for our post-secondary senior cash awards. The requirement for senior awards culminates with a capstone project. This includes writing a resume, letters of recommendations, participating in mock job interviews as well as submitting an essay about how they would implement changes to benefit the community in which we live. The Achievers complete all of this while balancing extracurricular activities, jobs, and academics. We are extremely proud of the dedication and commitment the Achievers have demonstrated and look forward to the bright futures that await.

Today's spotlight is on the 2023-24 Youth Achiever of the Year, Ashanti Cummins. She received the highest marks on her capstone project, demonstrating excellence in the work and presentation. Ashanti will be attending BCTC in the fall - where she has been awarded a full scholarship to the school as Achiever of the Year.

Meet Ashanti Cummins

From which high school are you graduating?
I’m graduating from Fredrick Douglass.

What have been some highlights of the Black Achievers program for you? 
I really liked when we went to the public library & we learned about red lining and how that impacted the community that I live in.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you?
My friends would all agree that I am determined, ambitious & creative.

Do you have any unique hobbies, interests or talents? And/or what do you like to do in your free time?
I have my own small business called ashantisvisuals where I create digital content for creators & various projects like party planning, weddings & even football marketing!

In my free time I love playing video games with my boyfriend or talking about civil rights issues. I also really enjoy reading. I would highly recommend reading Educated by Tara Westover.

Do you have plans yet for post-graduation?
In the summer I plan on attending BCTC’s summer bridge program to get a head start for college. Then in the fall, I will be attending BCTC with a full ride, majoring in nursing. I am beyond grateful to start college without debt & plan to give back to the community that fed me by joining different outreach programs & becoming a mentor for high schoolers. I also have a high interest in becoming the black student union’s president.

Any special shout outs to people in your life? 
I would like to shout out Ms. Wallace for always taking me to my meetings. Even small actions lead to bigger outcomes. I would like to say thank you to Ms. Marshall who proofread my packet & always made sure I was ahead of the deadlines. I lastly want to shoutout Zuri Madison who encouraged me to keep going even when I doubted myself. Your biggest hater & motivator truly is yourself.

Do you have any advice for Black Achievers in the program as they navigate middle and high school?
Personal responsibility goes a long way, so take this time to practice doing things on your own. Start small like waking yourself up at a certain time or cooking for yourself, because your parents won’t always be there. Also, once people see that you can handle yourself, they will be more prone to helping you because they can see that if you can get this far just on your own you can get even farther with help along the way. You just have to show why you deserve it & prove that you’ll use it to impact your life in the best way possible. Don’t run on possibilities or potential. Don’t sell yourself a dream, be the reality.

Cummins, Ashanti Senior | YMCA of Central KY Black Achievers
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