Benefits of Summer Camp - Preparing Kids for a Successful School Year

Benefits of Summer Camp - Preparing Kids For A Successful School Year

Summer camp can be really fun - but it isn’t just about having fun! Summer camp has a variety of benefits that set up kids for success. Camps not only encourage socialization and prevent boredom, but they also teach children valuable life skills that will go with them for a lifetime. There is more and more evidence that even suggests summer camps enable better grades and an overall more positive school year.

For some families, camp can seem like an extra frivolous expense. This can be especially true if there is already a stay-at-home parent. We wanted to cover some of the significant benefits of camp to show parents that it isn't about summer babysitting, but actually about giving your child the best chances for success. 

  1. Prevents Summer Slump
    Every parent knows about the “summer slide” or “brain drain.” During summer months, due to lack of physical and psychological activity, children lose much of what they learn in a school year. By the time they get back to school, much of the first semester is spent remembering and getting back into the groove. Recent studies suggest activity like sports, clubs and camps can prevent summer slide. Keeping kids active also keeps their brain active. Even if they aren't learning math equations, group team building activities stimulate the same part of the brain.

    Some camps even have science experiments and problem-solving games, which even further stimulate the brain. Even sports clinics encourage problem-solving, team building and fast reactions under pressure. These all promote positive learning. There are direct correlations between good grades and sports. 

  2. Gets Them Away From a Screen
    Kids today spend an average of over 7 hours per day in front of a screen. This is not only bad for the eyes, but it also prevents vital socialization skills. Camps get kids away from a screen and instead into a group of peers where they must communicate, share, compromise and make friends! These are all things that will not only make them happier – but more successful in life! 

  3. Prevents Cliques and Unchanging Peer Groups
    Kids tend to fall into a particular group at school. For example, children can be labeled studious, quiet, comical, outgoing or athletic by their peers and become stuck in the same group of friends. At camps, children from all groups attend and are encouraged to make new friendships. At camp, kids are exposed to each other in a much different environment compared to school. Camp is more relaxed than school and allows kids to be themselves without other stressors. This can totally redefine the following school year and the groups of children your child engages with.  

  4. Promotes Independence 
    Camp can even promote natural maturity and independence. At camp, especially sleep-away camps, children must rely on themselves, their peers and other trusted adults opposed to their parents. This can be nerve-racking for some children but helps them learn that they can rely on themselves and others, which will reduce anxiety in the long-run. Giving children the ability to think independently also builds self-esteem.

  5. Promotes Fun! 
    Above all else, summer camp is a blast! According to The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), free and unstructured play is healthy and essential for helping children to reach important social, emotional and cognitive developmental milestones. It also helps kids manage stress. Having an active and fun summer helps your child grow and make friends all while preventing depression and boredom!