Learn how to swim with us!

YMCA swimming lessons are a progressive program teaching swimming skills, stroke technique and water safety skills such as floating, treading water and safety entering and exiting a pool. Swim lessons are available for all ages, from infants to adults. Private and semi-private swim lessons are also available. 

What will my child learn at YMCA Swimming Lessons?

Our progressive swim lessons offer a wide range of offerings based on age and skill and each level focuses on mastery of different skills. Our lessons are offered in three major categories, with several classes offered at each level.

  • Swim Starters - Accompanied by parents, infants and toddlers will learn to be comfortable in the water and develop swim readiness skills. 

  • Swim Basics - Students learn personal water safety and achieve basic swimming competency. 
  • Swim Strokes - Students build stroke technique and master water safety. 

How do I know which level is right for me?

This selector guide can help you decide what class would be best for your child. We offer classes by age first and then by skill level. If you have further questions you can always contact your preferred branch and they can assist you with selecting a the right class for you or your child. 

When are swimming lessons offered?

Group swim lessons are offered year-round with several different options. Each branch differs on what days of the week classes are offered, check our mobile app or contact your preferred branch to learn more. We offer two-week (only offered in June and July), four-week and eight-week sessions. Private and semi-private swim lessons offer additional flexibility with scheduling along with individual attention. 

What is the instructor to class ratio?

  • Parent/Child classes: 1:10
  • Preschool, youth and adult group classes 1:5
  • All group swim lessons have a minimum of three participants per class
  • Private lessons are one-on-one
  • Semi-private lessons are typically offered for two students

Can my children take swim lessons at the same time?

Depending on the age and skill level of your children, they may be able to enroll in the same level/class. Other times, it may be more appropriate for your children to participate in different level classes. Browse the schedule at your preferred location via our mobile app or ymcacky.org/programs to see if their level classes may be available at the same time.

How and when can I sign up?

You can register online or at your preferred branch.  

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes. Both private and semi-private lessons are available. Register online or contact your preferred branch to schedule a time that best fits your schedule.

What happens if a lesson is canceled or we miss one?

Sometimes bad weather or pool quality may cause a cancellation of lessons. If this does happen, each session includes one built-in makeup week which will be added to the end of a session.

What should I bring to swim lessons?

We recommend that you bring a swimsuit and towel to your swim lessons at minimum. Children who are not fully potty-trained are required to wear a swim diaper. We highly recommend bringing goggles but they are not required.

What if I cannot afford my lessons?

As a non-profit, the YMCA of Central Kentucky offers financial assistance for membership and programs. Contact your local branch for more information.