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Learn a sport that spans centuries – fencing is the ultimate cross-training program that conditions the body and develops balanced coordination.

Youth and Teens ages 5-13 learn to dodge, parry and thrust in this exciting sport that keeps growing in popularity. Learn proper form, technique, and etiquette in this methodical yet fast-paced sport. Fencing is a mental and physical high-energy sport that combines the intrigue of swordplay with cardiovascular conditioning.

An age-old art originally vital for self-defense, fencing is practiced today for its own sake. Students study footwork and blade technique and work to develop speed, timing, leverage, and precision. The result is a skill which is controlled, graceful and athletic.

Participants should wear court shoes and loose-fitting clothes. Fencing equipment is provided. Fencing is a sport where participants use swords (Epee, Foil and Sabre) to tap their opponent. Protective equipment is always worn while fencing. Participants will learn a variety of footwork and hand movements.