Dance is a great way for kids to get active and express themselves creatively. 

We offer dance classes where kids have fun in our high-energy atmosphere.

Ballet is designed for children with little to no ballet training. With the use of traditional and contemporary music, kids will begin to explore proper alignment and technique. Participants should wear clothing that allows for freedom of movement as kids will learn to feel rhythm, engage in basic dance steps, practice stretching, do jumps and more. We will use lot of props such as scarves, maracas, tambourines, streamers, and flowers to foster children's improvisational skills, creativity, and self-expression.

Tap is for kids ages 3-5. Kids will create rhythmic patterns and timely beats while learning basic combinations and movements of tap.

Jazz is for kids ages 6-11. This class incorporates the best aspects of dance, come join us for a fun and energetic 45 minutes. Students will learn basic dance technique including coordination, isolation, strength cardio and rhythm.