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YMCA Gymnastics teaches children gymnastics skills, confidence, coordination, flexibility and strength

Our gymnasts benefit from our high-energy atmosphere that encourages freedom of expression while building self-confidence and poise through performance and a passion for the arts. Our gymnastics program teaches kids gymnastics skills, confidence, coordination, flexibility and strength. 

Whether your child wants to be a competitive gymnast or they want to learn how to flip, we have a program they will enjoy. Give your child the opportunity to learn gymnastics while they gain balance, coordination, strength, self-esteem, and have FUN!


Gymnastics – Beginners (Ages 3-11)
A fun introductory class for young gymnasts! The student in this class will be introduced to basic gymnastic skills as well as learn elements of strength, coordination and flexibility.

Gymnastics – Intermediate (5-13) 
A stepping stone in their gymnastic path to challenge them as they are beginning to master basic skills. Class will increase the participant’s knowledge in strength, coordination and flexibility as they progress to the next level of gymnastics. *In order to register for this class, a participant must have received instructor's permission to join. Participants must be able to perform cartwheels, back bends, forward/backwards rolls and handstands on their own. If a participant is unable to perform these skills, the instructor may ask the participant to move to the beginner class.

Requirements: Students must either have or are working on three of the following fours skills: cartwheel, kick-over, round-off, working on his/her back handspring

Gymnastics – Advanced  (Ages 5-13) 
The Advanced Gymnastics class continues to build on the skills learned in the Intermediate Gymnastics class. This class follows the same format as the previous Intermediate class (floor skills, beam, vault and bars). With intermediate skills accomplished, higher-level skills will now be taught. This class is only offered to students who have tested out of the intermediate level. Please contact an instructor to see if your child meets the criteria for this class. An evaluation can be scheduled, if needed.