Each year, the YMCA, its members and community partners work to collect backpacks and school supplies for Fayette County school-aged children. In 2019, we aim to provide over 5,500 students with backpacks and supplies for the start of the upcoming school year. 

The start of a new school year is always stressful, and going without adequate supplies only adds to the pressure on both students and families. The Y is asking you to help us make the first day of school a positive one. 

By making a donation, you are making an investment in the lives of our children by equipping a student with both a backpack and the supplies he or she needs to succeed. These backpacks will be distributed at the annual Back to School Rallies on Saturday, August 3, across 16 Lexington neighborhoods. Check out our Back to School Rallies event page to find the location nearest to you.

It only costs $10 to supply a single child with a backpack and supplies. 

With your help, we can ensure that kids across our city are ready for school in August. 

Thanks for making a difference!

If you have more questions or need further assistance, please contact us at give@ymcacky.org.